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Jobs in UAE

At CareersTown, Our mission to help Every Job Seekers to find the right jobs in UAE.
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Latest Jobs in UAE


Why United Arab Emirates?

United Arab Emirates as a country provides great set of advantages to the employees, which the candidates should know about before signing-up for a job in this country. Although, the major revenue source for the country is oil but there are various other sectors that contribute in the economy of the nation. Working in UAE can be a great opportunity and most people who know it, rush to find the relevant job opportunities here.

Which job has highest salary in UAE?

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) (AED 39,000 to AED 46,000)
Judges (AED 34,100 to AED 108,000)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) (AED 25,000 to AED 59,000)
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (AED 24,100 to AED 76,600)
College Professors (AED19,100 to AED61,000)
Lawyer (AED 18,200 to AED 62,900)
Senior Human Resources (AED 18,000 to AED 24,750)
IT Manager (AED 17,300 to AED 52,100)
Bank Manager (AED 16,900 to AED 55,400)
Pilots (AED 16,900 to AED 55,300)

What industries are important in the UAE?

Oil Industry

Which are the top cities to work in UAE?

Abu Dhabi

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